Attacking Your Weakness- The Swim

This is the third article in our four part series about attacking your weakness in the off-season

To swim or not to swim during the winter months? That is the question. Just to summarize the common arguments on both sides, here they are

Reasons NOT to swim

  • It’s only x percentage of the race overall, so it doesn’t matter (to you)
  • I’m only losing x number of potential minutes due to my poor swimming compared to xx(x!) number of potential minutes gained by focusing on cycling or running
  • I’m not going to be winning the race anyway, so saving 5-10 minutes doesn’t make sense for me
  • If you are already a skilled swimmer, it only takes a few weeks to get your swim up to 90% or so of your best (childhood competitive swimmer)
  • You are not a skilled swimmer, but you’re skilled enough to finish and that’s your only goal (more…)