New Body Core Courses

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QOTW: How Do I Get Started Riding on the Trainer?

After last week’s question about starting cycling in general, we  received a question asking for advice geared more towards the practical aspects of riding a trainer for the first time.  Although, of course, we wish everyone could join us at the lab and escape the loneliness of basement trainer riding!

So perhaps you’ve considered hitting the trainer this winter, but the number of choices, purchases, and general knowledge to be accrued seems daunting. The available options for trainers, workout types,  and watches alone can be overwhelming. That’s why the preferred option is usually to join a community which can help you with a goal, metrics, and the community piece. (more…)

Attacking Your Weakness- The Bike

This is the fourth article in our Attacking Your Weakness series. Be sure to check out our other articles on improving your swim, run, and overall fitness.

Is your cycling leg the one that’s dragging you down? Cold weather is no reason to opt out of cycling! In fact, the winter is the perfect time to take your cycling up a notch with some focused indoor training.  Like the other articles, we’ll assume that your primary goal is to improve your cycling for triathlon and that you’re not a pure cyclist. (more…)

QOTW: Which is most important in cycling- power, weight, or aerodynamics?

You may have heard long-time cyclists discuss their efforts to make their bike lighter and more aero, geeking out over saved grams of weight in expensive bike parts or the latest aero helmet or water bottle. But how do the three factors of weight, power output, and aerodynamics work together to dictate cycling performance? Which is the most important or which factor do you need to personally work on? (more…)

Benefits of Indoor Cycling Year-Round


When the weather gets sunny and the Atlanta rain is finally gone, many folks are keen to get in as much outdoor riding as possible. This is understandable, especially considering we’ve been cooped up longer this year that any other winter/spring in recent memory. That said, there are some huge benefits to making sure you’re still including some indoor riding in your routine. (more…)