Attacking Your Weakness- The Bike

This is the fourth article in our Attacking Your Weakness series. Be sure to check out our other articles on improving your swim, run, and overall fitness.

Is your cycling leg the one that’s dragging you down? Cold weather is no reason to opt out of cycling! In fact, the winter is the perfect time to take your cycling up a notch with some focused indoor training.  Like the other articles, we’ll assume that your primary goal is to improve your cycling for triathlon and that you’re not a pure cyclist. (more…)

Attacking Your Weakness- Part I

This is the first in a four part series of how to best approach and maximize your off-season to set you up for the best possible 2014.

The triathlon season is winding down for the year and this is the time of year when folks start asking “What should I do during the off-season’ There is plenty of non-triathlon related fun to be had as well as not-so-fun obligations to catch up on, however this blog will assume your primary goal is to maximize your fall and winter to set yourself up for an improved 2014. It also assumes that you aren’t burnt out, and are healthy and injury free. (more…)