“If you’ve been training for awhile, you’ve certainly tried to incorporate or at least heard of periodized training. The common wisdom mandates you progress from general to specific training over the course of the training cycle. But what does this really mean? If you’re training for Ironman or Half-Ironman the answer may be surprising…”


Periodization has always meant going from general to specific. Don’t misconstrue that to mean doing long, low-intensity trainer rides to nowhere, physically and physiologically.


Instead, if your goal race is an IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3, apply the concept of periodization to your cycling as it was truly intended. Going from general to specific, in this case, means getting in your hard work early and adding in the endurance aspect later. Our aim is to raise your power curve on the left (short duration power) which will eventually pull up the right


Why no marathon Z1 trainer rides?

You have to do a LOT make an impact. As in, more than you will ever do.

You can achieve a lot of the same benefits with much less time

By training less time, you can accrue family brownie points to cash in later, when riding longer is necessary and more appealing

There is a very good chance you can ride faster this year by using these principles


Why should ride hard?

If you’re new to endurance training, you truly need to focus on your aerobic base by simply accumulating miles with a variety of different ride types. You will most likely improve by simply spending time on your bike. However, if you have trained for a few years, consistently or with intermittent focus, then it may be time to try something new.


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