This weekend at Energy Lab we’re hosting a Tackle a Tri in 2018 seminar. We would love for you to join us! In preparation for this event, we’ll be sharing some tips on tackling your first race over the next few days. Join us on Saturday via facebook live or in person for our event! Today’s tips will focus on picking the distance of your first race.


It’s almost time to set some new exciting goals for 2018. Whether you’re thinking about tackling a triathlon next year already or you are now, check out a few tips below on signing on the dotted line and committing to your very first race.


Most newbie triathletes start with a sprint distance triathlon, although technically you can start with any distance. An important rule of thumb here is just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should! Technically you could train for a double IRONMAN for your first event, that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to progress. I would highly recommend starting with a sprint. Something to keep in mind is that even if your ultimate goal is a longer race, you’ll perform better if you work out the kinks and get used to racing by completing a shorter race as practice.


If you’ve never done a 5k or any type of endurance event, you definitely want to start with a shorter triathlon. If you’ve completed longer running races such as half or full marathons, you may wish to start with any olympic triathlon.


Now let’s say you’re in the opposite situation and a sprint triathlon sounds too long. There are some options that can make a short triathlon less daunting. For one there is such a thing as a supersprint triathlon. Like a sprint, the distances aren’t standard, but to give an example, a popular supersprint locally is 200 – 300 yards swimming, 8 – 10 miles cycling, and a 1.5 – 2 mile run.


If the open water swim portion is what makes a triathlon seem daunting you can do a triathlon that has a pool swim instead of an outdoor swim. These types of triathlons are fairly common and are often in the shoulder season- early spring or fall when the water in a lake would be quite cool for swimming.


If you’re local to Atlanta, some great resources for first races are Georgia Multisports, Tri the Parks,  and Tri- PTC.

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