Anyone know some great, relatively comprehensive, list of currently popular / classic songs to run to, with 180/90 BPM? Anyone willing to share their personal favorite 180/90 BPM running songs here? Energizing and/or upbeat? I’m working on my cadence. Thank you in advance!! 



It’s likely that at some point you’ve thought about your run cadence and either tested it out either the old fashioned way (by counting your footstrikes for thirty seconds) or by running along with a metronome. If you are in the process of (slowly, safely) trying to adjust your run cadence you probably already have the tools to do so at your fingertips. Here are a few of our favorite ways to monitor run cadence!


Spotify Running -The first easy way to monitor your cadence is by using Spotify. Using the Spotify running feature, it will pick songs based on your past play history and adjust the bpm of the song – anywhere from 100 to 200 bpm!  Select browse – genre – running to get started with this feature


Garmin Metronome – If you already have a later model Garmin of 305 or newer then you already have a built- in metronome that allows a range of BPMs. For example, you can set the 735 with a range of 120 – 240 beats. Note: in many of the newer models the metronome is available in the ‘activity settings’ menu of the run activity.


Run Cadence App – You can also use a free app to track your cadence as you run


Standalone – I can’t think of many situations where you would need to purchase a standalone running metronome, but if you do, then there are plenty to choose from.


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