We hope everyone is staying safe with the impending weather. We’re closing Energy Lab tomorrow morning but you can still train with us! In this block we’ve scheduled increasing amounts of threshold level intensity each week. If you want to participate in this week’s workout here is a link to a folder for versions that can be used with Zwift, Trainer Road and more. To find out which version you need read this article. If you’re a TrainingPeaks user you can view and download the workout here.


WU: 10 – 20′  include 4 x 1′ high cadence spins and 4 x 30″ one legged drills (ILTs). Choice cadence. Heart rate or power build from Z1 – Z2. 

MS1: 2 x 8′ building from High Z3 – Low Z4 HR or power

3′ Recovery between Each

MS2: 2 x 6′ building from Low – High Z4 HR or Power



Let us know if you do the workout! Tag us on #poweredbyenergylab on instagram to show us!