Unless you have a flexible or nontraditional work schedule, something every dedicated athlete must face, at least occasionally, is the prospect of training early in the morning. It can be tough to wake up knowing others are still snug in their beds. But how best to make it happen? This week’s question is answered below by some of our faithful morning regulars and AM instructors. Some of these folks have dutifully been attending 5:30 and 6 AM classes for as long as we’ve been open! Read below for ideas on best practices!

Buy an alarm clock…and get a wife/husband who will shame you into getting out of bed and not be a chump.

– Dr. Angel Leon, long time early morning charter member

Sleeping in workout clothes, setting alarm away from bed, coffee brewing, meeting a accountability partner.

– Carolina Margarella, Head Track Coach

Join Classpass, where they charge you $20 if you miss a class.

– Heather Reynolds, Energy Lab Instructor

Visualize a fitter faster happier self .. and know that after my workout that I’ll be pumped and feel great the rest of the day!

– Tim Newberg, Energy Lab Instructor

The earliest recent alarm option I keep on my iphone screen is labeled ‘you are alive.’ It may sound a little strange but it immediately puts me in a more positive frame of mine. Also, caffeine is mandatory.”

-Bethany Rutledge, Energy Lab Coach

Put the alarm clock away from the bed….allow for time to wake up and drink coffee

– Ted Morris, Energy Lab Instructor

“Eating helps shift your sleep cycle. So if you eat in the am when you wake up, your body will start to expect it…and it wakes up earlier”

– Ed Crossman, Energy Lab Coach and early AM outdoor rider

Have a morning workout in Training Peaks. The power of green. I also found an alarm app that requires you to do a math problem or solve a puzzle before you can turn it off, kind of ridiculous and annoying but kind of genius.

– Michelle Crossman, Energy Lab Instructor and Coach


The most creative ideas came from Instructor Sara Scott, who offers several suggestions:


Think about the breakfast you get to have after?
Become a coach, you can’t slack when you have to unlock the doors?
Move an hour away so you have a long drive to “wake up”?
Eat chips and wine for dinner so you feel guilty enough to drag your butt up or your clothes won’t fit?
Know that if you don’t, your day will probably turn to xxx and your hopes of evening workout goes out the window (see: chips and wine).
Or remind yourself how GREAT it feels to show up for the rest of your day already accomplished and, clearer headed and full of crazy workout energy.

– Sara Scott, Energy Lab Instructor


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