It was a whirlwind day in Chattanooga! We had a ton of athletes and coaches compete and lots of barriers and goals were shattered. Notably, Joe Cline completed his very FIRST triathlon and Dane Newman completed his very first 70.3. Coaches Tim and Kathryn along with Deirdre Dekock also snagged their spots to worlds taking our total number of worlds bound racers so far to 7. Great job to everyone who raced! And let’s not forget about Brian Schrader who PR’d in a NON Chattanooga race, the 3 Taverns 5k! More results below:

Congrats to Cori James on a great race at Chatt 70.3 yesterday! The always speedy swimmer had a bike and run PR, too.

Phoenix Calandrella did an awesome job with his swim/bike training sess.

George Cone had a HUGE PR and WON the pacing game taking off tons of run time in the process.

Deirdre DeKock– Again, huge PR even accounting for swim change, and was able to show how much she’s improved all around. Oh, and got her spot to worlds, too!

Meg Casper Geshay– Great complete race and strong performance all around! Gettin’ that sub 5 too!

Kelsey Kubelick – Really pushed the bike for the first time and had an OA PR and strong performance

Carolina Joy Margarella– New territory on her bike split and broke new ground on cycling in general. Solid run split to round things off.

Dane Newman – Really great pacing on his FIRST official 70.3! Super strong bike and won on the run by pacing evenly

Andy Smith– Was brave enough to take some risks after several strong but conservative recent races.

T Joe Cline successfully finished his FIRST triathlon ever!

Elsa Paplomata  fought through adversity this week after a contusion on her foot and finished strong meeting her time goals!

Veteran Bruce Wobeck  had a strong and successful race

Cory Nathan Brown had a fantastic second ever 70.3, executing well from start to finish.

Tim Myers – Strong first big race back. Showed that his swim and bike are up to par currently and snagged his spot for worlds
Kathryn Taylor– Huge PR and also a spot to worlds
Carrie Rucker Smith– strong, well paced race and placed well in a super tough competitive division

Bethany Rutledge had a strong well executed race

Congrats to Brian Shrader, with a 5K PR and 2nd AG on Saturday at the 3 Taverns 5K!