Ed Crossman is the Operations Manager at Podium Multisport and all3sports.com. He has been involved in athletics most of his life at varying levels of intensity. Shortly after completing his first super sprint on a mountain bike he bought his first tri bike and was soon completing his first 70.3. After a few years of competition and joining the triathlon retail industry he is now coaching.


While statistics are boring for most, Ed draws a lot of enjoyment from them. He has experience collecting and analyzing research data and brings this useful skill to coaching. Raw workout data starts the analysis of a workout, but combining it with personal feedback from the athlete completes the picture.


Ed’s enjoys working with all levels of athlete pursuing various triathlon distances. He has a real drive to understand and maintain each athlete’s motivation for training. While working at Podium Multisport Ed has gained an appreciation for cross training on mountain, gravel, and road bikes.