Congratulations to our newest addition to the Energy Lab Coaching Staff, Ilana Katz. Many of you already know Ilana as a fantastic dietician. Ilana recently passed her USA Triathlon Level I exam and will be a coach in training with Energy Lab. Also, look for more Energy Lab nutrition group offerings coming soon! Here is a little bit more about Coach Ilana:


What do you most look forward to with coaching? I look forward to bringing all the pieces of my own experience together and leading others to a share success within that – Being part of the sport myself as well as having a formal education in exercise physiology/sports nutrition and my love for working with health-minded and motivated athletes (and athlete want-to-be’s) are the parts that will now enable me to form the whole.


What made you want to become a coach? Most of the coaches as well as fellow training buddies I have worked with in my own development of being a triathlete in one form or another have all played a role. From my Masters swim instructors to the spin instructors, and the different “teams” I have spoken for such as Team in Training, Atlanta Tri Club, Atlanta track club, Balance Running, Big Peach runners groups to name a few, all have provided a slice of the pie. Most of all, I was pushed over the edge by Tim (Myers) who has always been one of my most dedicated clients (so to speak) who complimented me and made me realize how I can actually merge sports nutrition practice in coaching and take my expertise tot he next level.


What are you most excited about? Having two of the most crucial parts of the mystery of triathlon in my box of tools now, and together these will form a very strong link, namely my formal education and experience in sports nutrition, and now my certification in coaching.


Anything else you want to share? I am also excited about being a part of team of very like-minded, strong athletes an coaches that I am going to learn from, as well as teach. The comradeship will lift us all together to be great together.

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