If you’re just getting back to regular training in prep for Augusta, it’s an exciting time! Not only have you committed to a challenging athletic feat, you’ve opted to race for a greater cause! Here are a few quick things to keep in mind as you’re ramping up so you can stay safe and injury free.

  • Be especially careful about ramping up running – You’re excited you’re training again and want to jump in on training sessions with friends.  We’ve all been there! Now’s the time to be super careful when ramping up, especially when running. If you want to join back in the group workouts, make it a cycling or swim workout for the first few months till you’ve ramped up to running short distances every other day.


  • Equipment Check– It’s so easy to pull out last season’s running shoes, but be smart by investing in a new pair this season. If they racked up few hundred miles on them then sat in the closet for six months, it’s definitely time to switch them up!


  • Consider a bike fit (or refit)– Bike fits aren’t set it and forget it. Our flexibility and strength change year to year. So if it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten a fit, go ahead and make the appointment.