So you’re thinking about taking classes at Energy Lab and need to set up an initial  baseline test. We want to make sure that your test is a rousing success which means a couple of (really easy) to-dos for you! 

– The first rule of FTP test is no hard exercise the day prior! Please come rested! Do not exercise the day before the test, or do very light workouts only! If your reading this and already thinking of ten reasons why you just Have to do intervals, or a three hour ride the day prior, then remember that the test won’t be as accurate if you’re not rested. If you’re in the opposite situation, freaking out that this test will be your first workout of the week (or month), then relax and just carry on with what you’re doing! 

– The second rule of FTP test is don’t exercise the day of the test.. at all. For reasons why, please re-read the first rule of FTP test.

– Come prepared with your cycling shoes and normal training attire. (Normal training attire assuming you have worn it outdoors and not been arrested for indecent exposure)

– Eat 2-3 hours before the test, hydrate as normal

– Pedals available include SPD, Look Delta, and cages. When in doubt, bring your own!

– Please also bring a couple of bottles of water or sports drink, a towel, and a mop and bucket (just kidding)

– If you ignore all of the above advice, please just remember this number one rule: Come early!

Try to arrive thirty minutes prior to the advertised start of the test. If this gets you in trouble with your boss, just tell them this test is crucial for benchmarking your cycling stats and I’m sure they’ll come around

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