Bethany Rutledge

Bethany Rutledge

One on One Coach, Cycling Instructor, Partner

Bethany is a partner in Atlanta Triathlon Club and Energy Lab. She also is a freelance writer, contributing regularly to the training section of Triathlete Magazine,, Women’s Running, and Training Peaks.


She also serves on the USA Triathlon Southeast Regional Council. Her certifications include USA Triathlon Level 1, ACE Personal Training Certification, USATF Level 1 Clinic, and CPR.


A two time Kona IRONMAN World Champs and 70.3 World Champs Qualifier, her personal focus is the Ironman distance. In the 2013 USAT Rankings she was ranked 3rd in 30-34 in the SE, and 1st in the state. She was also ranked 3rd in the country and the world for 30-34 in the IRONMAN Age Group Rankings for 2013. Her favorite training is running with her two vizslas, Sadie, and Bailey.


Bethany is passionate about coaching other athletes towards their potential in triathlon and running. She enjoys working with all level of motivated athlete.