Rookie 2 Race Coaching Program

Rookie 2 Race Coaching Program

Let us help you train for your first or next race!


Train for your first—or best—sprint or olympic triathlon.

A coach isn’t just for experienced athletes. In fact, beginners are the group most likely to benefit from the guidance of a coach. Join us! This program is designed for athletes newer to triathlon who have never been coached. Athletes must also be a member of the Atlanta Triathlon All Access Membership to qualify (or join!).

Start by applying today so we can learn more about your goals. The price for the membership is a $100/month add-on to the All Access Membership.

Our next round of four month coaching starts on February 5th!

Join our crew of motivated athletes in training today!

Rookie 2 Race Benefits

$175/ Month + $50 Initiation

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  • Cost Effective Coaching Solution

  • Weekly Workout with your coach

  • Group training schedule via Trainingpeaks 

  • Private Facebook Group 

  • Individual race prep session with coach

  • Goal planning session with coach 

  • All Access Membership