Rookie 2 Race Coaching Program

Rookie 2 Race Coaching Program

Let us help you train for your first or next race!


The 2017 Rookie 2 Race Program is a group coaching program for beginners who want to train in a group setting under the guidance of a coach towards their first (or next) triathlon.  Join us! This program is designed for athletes newer to triathlon who have never been coached. Athletes must also be a member of the Atlanta Triathlon All Access Membership to qualify (or join!).

The program is co-led by Coach Kathryn Taylor and Coach Michelle Crossman. We hope that you will join us! Start by applying today so we can learn more about your goals. The price for the membership is a $100/month add-on to the All Access Membership.

Join our crew of motivated athletes in training today!

Rookie 2 Race Benefits

$175/ Month + $50 Initiation

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  • Cost Effective Coaching Solution

  • Weekly Workout with your coach

  • Group training schedule via Trainingpeaks 

  • Private Facebook Group 

  • Individual race prep session with coach

  • Goal planning session with coach 

  • All Access Membership