Three Great Options!

Which program fits you best?

Energy Lab is excited to announce that we’re combining some of our services with Atlanta Tri Club. Cyclist only? No problem. You can still use our drop in offering or class pack to join us at EL anytime!


Our All Access membership includes coached group workouts and activities year round! Training sessions are broken down into ability based groups to allow you to train with others of similar abilities.  We also offer information seminars, hands-on clinics, and performance testing to help you maximize your potential.


The members only forum provides access to valuable training information from club experts and allows members to collaborate on various topics ranging from nutrition advice and injury prevention to alternate training plans and target races.  Members only sponsor discounts provide members from 10-40% off and access to some of the best endurance related service providers in Atlanta and beyond.

Club socials and parties, race day tents and activities, and friendly club competitions make ATC not only a great group training program, but a family of athletes working to be their best while have a blast!

Membership #1

All Access Membership

$75/ Month + $50 Initiation

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  • All group training and workouts
  • Member discussion forum
  • Training Schedules
  • Sponsor Discounts
  • Group Socials and Parties
  • Seminars and Clinics
  • Target Race Parties
  • Mock Triathlon
  • Connectors Mentor Program

Membership #2

Rookie 2 Race

$175/ Month + $50 Initiation

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  • All All Access Membership Benefits
  • Training Peaks Training Schedule
  • Goal Setting with your coach
  • Race Prep with your coach
  • Group Race Support
  • Awesome first triathlon experience
  • Target Race Parties
  • Sprint and Oly Distance Athletes

Membership #3

One on One

$250/ Month + $100 Startup

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  • All All Access Membership Benefits
  • Customized Schedule
  • Completely tailored to your strengths and weaknesses
  • Team of coaches working to help you
  • Zone and metrics management
  • Power based training
  • Full access to coach
  • Unlimited assistance and changes