Energy Fuel

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With all the information available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated with the sports nutrition side of athletic performance. Are you tired of deciphering hype from fact? Do you find yourself jumping from meal plan to meal plan with high hopes that always end in disappointment?

Let’s change the dialogue with Energy Fuel. Let us help you succeed!

Energy Lab Nutrition involves a small group of athletes with similar goals and a dietitian guiding you every step of the way. Let’s finally achieve a healthy balance with daily nutrition, sports nutrition strategizing, and targeting specific goals. Apply now or read more details below.



I’m a certified specialized sports dietitian and a USAT level I triathlon coach and Energy Lab coach. Over the last 14 years I have learned a lot both through formal training and personal experience.  As a registered dietitian with a Masters degree in dietetics, I have spent additional time educating myself to find the answers and solutions so many of us desperately long for that the media tends to overcomplicate. My mission is to make fueling your body for best performance simple! 

Energy Fuel

$150 for members, $200 for nonmembers

  • 2 one on one 30’ coaching calls for personal access and to fine-tune your goals, current habits and mindset around nutrition. The first call will occur prior to the start of the group and will be a chance to set some goals.
  • 24/7 email access with a 24 hour turn around time (no weekends) to help troubleshoot for ongoing support and guidance around nutrition
  • Educated support  a basic meal plan structure to help you understand nutrition and the macronutrients that best support your training needs and goals
  • A closed Facebook community for ongoing support and guidance from peers
  • A simplified macronutrient breakdown counter to help you achieve optimal fat loss that’s an ongoing lifestyle
  • Basic grocery lists and meal planning examples to fit your needs and goals that can be easily customized once we have your personal structure set.
  • Recipe proof checking and sharing
  • Personal responsibility and commitment  your commitment to this to help you gain clear insight on your fueling needs and daily nutrition specifics for long lasting success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's this program for?

This program is for athletes training and racing who want to learn to optimize food as fuel without thinking and obsessing about food constantly.  They want to find an effortless and easier way to navigate their food choices and how to interact with food daily as well as for training.  This program is also about teaching you how to eat well for optima body composition related to your sport and everyday living.

Who's this program NOT for?

This course is not for people who want to continue to stay in the restrictive mindset and change their body composition unrealistically overnight.  This isn’t a detox program with rapid and unsustainable weight loss techniques that don’t work.  If you want that, this program is not for you.  But I’m sure we will some how connect in good time

Will you write me a specific meal plan ?

No, that’s not what this course is about.  This is about troubleshooting your current eating habits and patterns and finding a way to hone in on what YOU want to eat and helping you set the path to achieve the results you want in the process.

Can I get a refund if I don't meet my goals?

I’m sorry, due to the high access and customization of this program, no refunds are allowed.

Is this a weight loss program?

It can be if you stay the course and manage your expectations around the fact that quick weight loss is never sustainable and takes time.  You can get results if you follow the process and program without feeling deprived.