Welcome to Energy Lab. Your winter training starts here!

Determination and dedication always lead to success. If you’re serious about your improvements, join us for training at Energy Lab. Our program is structured and periodized by month, so although it’s always best to start early, you can fit in whenever you start.
[table caption=”Spring Program Elements ” width=”400″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Month,Phase, Tues,Wed/Thurs , Weekend
November- January,Pre-season, Form/Mix, Aerobic,General
February,Power Build 1,Form/Intensity, Aerobic, Specific
March-,Power Build 2,Form/Intensity, Aerobic, Specific
April/ May ,Race Specific 1,Form/Intensity, Aerobic, Specific
Our winter series of classes focusing on building endurance, strength, and power using your bike with a CompuTrainer, Kickr, or one of our CycleOps bicycles.Participants will make measurable improvements in fitness benchmarks by taking two classes per week. Testing will be done at the beginning and end of the series to measure improvement. Through January we will focus on general fitness and staying in shape! This is a great time to set a baseline FTP test. We’ll be offering at least one testing opportunity a week throughout this period. Our yearly Power Build class series will begin February 15th.


Training Phases 2016


  • Phase I- Pre-season- November through January we’ll work on staying (or getting) in shape with a lot of form work, strength work and longer aerobic intervals. No soft-pedaling though, you’ll be improving your aerobic power with longer tempo and sweetspot intervals. During this time we will also coordinate TESTING so you can set your baseline.
  • Phase II- Power Building- On February 15th we’ll shift our Tuesday focus to higher end intervals including threshold and Vo2 work. Our Wednesday/Thursday workouts will “strength training on the bike” and big gear work. This phase will last six weeks!
  • Phase III- Race Ready- By March 27th, it will be time to start shifting our attention towards putting it all together for the spring races. Happy training!



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